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Nintendo 3ds vs ds
What is the big difference? I lean towards the 3ds just so I can play ocarina of time but does anyone have any experience with either to contribute?

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re: Nintendo 3ds vs ds
3D, a control stick, and more powerful for 3DS.

If you are wanting to pick one get the 3DS since it can play DS games.

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re: Nintendo 3ds vs ds
Better graphics, joystick, the works. The graphics are around PS2 I believe. Really good console.

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re: Nintendo 3ds vs ds
love my 3DS and the mario games are great on it

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re: Nintendo 3ds vs ds
They are totally different consoles. The 3DS is not just another version of the DS like a LOT of people think.

You can't be blamed for thinking it though, Nintendo did a terrible job of making it clear. When you look at the DS, the DS lite, and the DS XL, the 3DS just sounds like another version of the same thing.

It's not. It's a new console like the Game Boy Advance was from the Game Boy. It has much, much better graphics as it's a new generation.

Thing is, people are having the same confusion with the Wii U now, thinking it's just an accessory for the Wii...

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re: Nintendo 3ds vs ds
Thinking about buying myself a 3DS XL. They are the new larger versions.

I might start playing Pokemon again, lol. I know right.

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re: Nintendo 3ds vs ds

I might start playing Pokemon again, lol. I know right.

I don't think there's any clearer distinction between gamer generations than the pre-pokemon generation and the post-pokemon generation.

I always assume other gamers are close to my age until they mention pokemon. (Not hating on pokemon, just wasn't around when I was a kid.)

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