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Engine Owning (CoD Cheat Software) owes Activision $14mil…

Posted on 5/28/24 at 11:58 pm
Posted by finchmeister08
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Posted on 5/28/24 at 11:58 pm
Posted by SaintEB
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Posted on 5/29/24 at 8:12 am to
How does one get awarded someone else's domain in a court case? Did EngineOwning agree to it? Genuinely asking.
Posted by teke184
Zachary, LA
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Posted on 5/29/24 at 8:12 pm to
Default judgment means that EO didn’t bother to respond to EA’s suit, so the court can pretty much set punishments.
Posted by Ace Midnight
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Posted on 5/30/24 at 1:38 pm to
While I am okay with this particular result in this particular case, will this result chill third party mod/trainer development going forward?
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