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"Crawfish Puree" - How To.... Sorta
If your stomach will turn, u may not wanna read this

This is spurned from Gris' question last week about the St Martinville product.

I decided to make some, or how I do it for soups/dips/etc.

This thread will have to be ongoing, as I got tied up in the middle of peeling. Regardless, too a pic of the items I use.... And what the "trash" looks like.

Crawfish Tail, Complete with Fat
Claw Meat
Fat From Inside Shell (omit brain)

After removing the tail and the claws, much like you will do for stuffing heads..... Pull up the shell from the tail end and the body and shell will easily seperate. This will reveal the lungs/fat/"brain" (the brain is actually mud). This fat is important to a good stock and good crawfish "concentrate" flavor.

When I get all the sacks peeled, I will add pictures of the mixture and portions.

You can see how clean the body can b here without havin to spoon out the lungs

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