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Anyone have a good baked kibbeh recipe?
This is a dish I really enjoy but some reason have never made. Seems pretty simple but would like the board input on any tried and true recipes. Thanks in advance.

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re: Anyone have a good baked kibbeh recipe?
I used to make this one all the time: LINK
Haven't done it in a while, thanks for the reminder.

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re: Anyone have a good baked kibbeh recipe?
Legit baked kibbeh is a gigantic pain in the arse to make just like most super labor intensive labanese dishes.

My grandfather was Lebanese so I learned to make stuffed grape leaves and tabouleh from my grandmother who cooked that stuff all the time.

My dad learned to make kibbeh from her but I never attempted it before he passed.

Unlike the recipe linked above, I know we'd use super lean meat (we'd order it special from a butcher to get all the fat trimmed off), then add in fat via olive oil during the cooking process.

I also remember that keeping the meat super cold while mixing the ingredients in was key. I think we'd mix it in a bowl that was submerged in ice water.

Hell it's been 7 years since I've seen it done.

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