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Auction draft
My league is finally going to auction draft next year. I have never done an auction draft. I will do some mocks.
Does anyone have any suggestions on what kind of strategy to use.

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re: Auction draft
Auction mocks suck, people just blow their wad on studs and leave, it’s unrealistic and players go way higher than in a normal draft.

You want to find the right balance of targeting studs and being patient by not overpaying. Pick 6 or 7 of the top 25 you’re willing to get into a bidding war for and actually add about 3 to your roster.

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re: Auction draft
Auction drafts are won/lost on patience.

The guy that blows $50 each on Bell, Brown and OBJ is left with $4-$6 per slot for the remaining roster. You literally sit there and watch players go by that make you turn your stomach when you realize how much value you left on the table.

If you have a guy you need in the $40-$50 range, fine....go get em. But those leagues are won with depth and value.

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re: Auction draft
Is it standard or PPR?

If standard, go all in on top tier RB’s and a top tier QB. This was my first year doing auction and I won my league doing it that way. I did end up getting Kelce at TE for cheaper than I thought though so really I was stacked at 4 positions.

I think my #1 wide receiver was Funchess and the rest were waiver pickups. Receivers suck in standard.

If PPR then yeah you’d definitely have to approach a more balanced spending strategy I’d imagine.

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re: Auction draft
we rolling auction in my main league and I can't wait.

how does an auction work live? we always draft in person, never online

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