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Collusion or No?

Posted on 10/31/23 at 12:09 pm
Posted by Jumbo_Gumbo
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Posted on 10/31/23 at 12:09 pm
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10 team PPR
Team #1 (1-7)
Team #2 (3-5)

1st trade they made last week

Team #1 gave J. Taylor and received N. Harris & DK
That seemed fair to me

They both lost last week and initiated another trade today.

Team #1 is giving Mahomes, N. Harris, and M. Sanders and getting G. Wilson, T. Pollard, and CJ Stroud.

I think they are both making their teams weaker but others in the league are using the “C” word. Team #2 was stacked and really only missing a QB, but unloading some depth just for Mahomes.

What say you?
Posted by lsu for the win
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Posted on 10/31/23 at 12:43 pm to
Tough to say, but I don't think so. Sometimes if your team is underperforming you just want to shake things up.

JT and Harris is looking more and more like a wash. JT is the superior back but Indy refuses to allow him to have more caries.

Mahomes is nice, but is really only a top 8 QB in my league's scoring. Stroud will continue to get a bunch of garbage time points and I think both will be near each other scoring wise at year's end.

Wilson/Pollard is significantly better to me than Harris/Sanders.

Overall, I think these trades were mostly fair and at least both teams are trying to get better.
Posted by BhamTigah
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Posted on 10/31/23 at 1:41 pm to
I don't think it is collusion. Both are giving up valuable assets.
Posted by CBandits82
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Posted on 10/31/23 at 2:07 pm to

I think they are both making their teams weaker

Its not up to you to run their team or decide for them what will make their team better.

All people evaluate players differently.

Its not up to you to run their team.
Posted by St Augustine
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Posted on 10/31/23 at 2:57 pm to
I’m never a big fan of when teams trade guys back and forth in a very short period of time but it seems more like they just are probably talking about the league a lot to each other. Maybe neither are really satisfied as it seems like they’re just pushing stuff around.
Posted by DallasTiger45
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Posted on 10/31/23 at 3:27 pm to
I wouldn't say it's collusion but it is weird for 2 teams to trade Najee back and forth one week apart. I'd ask them about it and see if their answers are reasonable

I'm inclined to say no collusion though, heck in a vacuum I'd rather have Stroud/Pollard/Wilson than Najee/Sanders/Mahomes
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