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re: Tennessee OC update

Let the record show John Brice has absolutely 0 sources and is full of shite.

This! Brice is just throwing shite at a wall and hoping something sticks

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re: Tennessee OC update
Got damnit if they get either of Briles/Yurcich and LSU is stuck with bull shite Ensminger and the new lazy hopeful hire some Tiger Rant fans are latching on to in "Sean Salisbury", LSU is as good as dead in the football big picture.

Sorry crazy fanboys of O, Salisbury is another O boy who has no business being a coach at LSU. A 55 year old who has done coaching for high school QBs (none by which can be heard doing anything great in college), should not be the QB coach at a program like LSU. First it's old arse outdated Enminger, then old arse NFL WR coach Sullivan, now it's going to be old arse former NFL QB who has no prior history in coaching college QBs for a school?

Why is everybody else going forward, while LSU is trying to go backwards?

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re: Tennessee OC update
Well said. Anyone with a brain knows how this will end for LSU. Salisbury lol. Go ahead and dig your grave Coach. This will do it.

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