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re: Which books have you read more than once?
I'd have to agree with you about 'Brave New World' as Huxley describing the powers that be controlling the working class with less heavy handedness compared to that in 1984 seems more "accurate." That comes with the caveat that I am American and haven't perceived the heavy handedness that one might have in say Russia. It's hard not to take his writing as more of a direct critism of Soviet russia & Stalinists rather than being a visionary dystopian novel although I've been lectured in the past of not making that "mistake "

I do like '1984' but it just gets a bit thick in details especially when Smith is reading 'the book' before he and the girl are arrested. While very popular and revered, it's not his best work. Homage to Catalonia, for one, is a tremendous read although it does differ in that it is non-fiction.

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