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So I finished Bad Blood in 2 days
About the Theranos debacle

Very much written in a "WTF were they thinking" perspective

I think it is a good book, but a lot can be added to it over time. There are also a few specific relationships in the book that I'd like to know where they stand today.

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re: So I finished Bad Blood in 2 days
I just finished the audio book. It was really good.

I remember hearing about Theranos in the news a few years ago, but never really knew the full story.

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re: So I finished Bad Blood in 2 days
Read it over Christmas. A few important people just disappeared from the book. Made me think those NDAs they signed with Theranos were pretty stout. Hard to believ3 so many astute people were completely fooled. No excuses for Mad Dog Mattis.
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re: So I finished Bad Blood in 2 days
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