The Minnesota Vikings shocked a lot of people by drafting Christian Ponder at #12. But coach Leslie Frazier didn't draft him to sit and watch come the first week of the season...

"Ideally, I'd like for him to be ready to go when we play San Diego," Frazier said Sunday. "That would be the ideal situation -- we've got our Matt Ryan, we've got our (Joe) Flacco, we've got our (Mark) Sanchez right here. But because of the uncertainty of the offseason, it's just hard to determine exactly how you want to approach it. So, we need a little more clarity on what this offseason's going to be like."
We'll see how this all plays out with the lockout and such, but the Vikings are still pursuing Donovan McNabb to play a major role in Minnesota. I highly doubt McNabb wants to play football camp councilor to Ponder over having a starting position on some other team. My bet is Donovan becomes a Viking and starts there this year with Ponder coming around next year. Too many offensive weapons up there to waste any time.
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