As Baltimore WR Steve Smith was heading into the Sun Life Stadium tunnel after his Ravens beat the Dolphins 28-13, one Miami fan decided to throw some lip at him. Smith, who really isn't afraid of anything, was all for it...

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Johnny3tears110 months
Yeah I doubt you could. They say that steve smith is a strong sob that wrestles the offensive line and most of the time he wins. I think he would kick your arse just saying.
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mylsuhat111 months
lol @ DoubleDown, I don't know you but I'd love to see that.
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DoubleDown111 months
I get that he's a pro football player and all but I'd actually love to see the cops let him do something. Sometimes it's easy to think the pro football player is gonna beat someone's arse but 1v1 - they aren't MMA fighters or boxers.

I guess what I'm saying is I'm pretty sure I'm about the same height and weight as Steve Smith. I could take his punch just like he could probably take mine.
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USAF Hart111 months
Yes, you are correct. A casual fan who mouths off to an athelete because the team he cheers for lost is indeed a tPOS
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SECSolomonGrundy111 months
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