Monday morning Tom Brady was on WEEI Radio in Boston and was asked about the heavy criticism of Chad Ochocinco the past week from former Pats' Tedy Bruschi and Rodney Harrison. Brady defended his receiver...

“None of those guys have any clue what they’re talking about,” said Brady regarding the recent criticism from ex-Patriots Rodney Harrison and Tedy Bruschi. “They aren’t in this locker room.”
Good for Brady. Bruschi and Harrison are getting annoying using their desk jobs to tell everyone in the NFL how to play football. And would it kill Harrison to treat his co-commentator Tony Dungy with some respect? It's so awkward.
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QuietTiger151 months
Agreed, the title needs tweaking soonest.
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GarmischTiger151 months
Recommend tweaking the title, as Brady defended CO, not the criticism of him.
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YellowShoe151 months
Based on what transpired during this off-season, former players should remember that
- NFL is a business. Patriots, despite their name, are a private organization and players can be locked out.
- Former players need NFLPA for various benefits that they get from NFL. A few yaketeers should not sour relationship with current NFLPA because they have a secure paycheck.
- Teddy would do well to remember that current team has its own leaders. He is not part of its leadership. Unless his thoughts are in sync with current team leaders, next time he is on the sidelines, it will be as a member of the media and not as a former teammate.
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