Marshawn Lynch's First Presser Back With Seahawks Was Typical Marshawn Lynch
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports
Did you really think newly signed RB Marshawn Lynch's first press conference back with the Seattle Seahawks was going to be different than this...
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Classic BeastMode.
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luciouslou50 months
he has mastered making the media look like idiots
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mr bunion50 months
Agreed, but it's not hard to do that.
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TigerClique2150 months
Those guy has a low tolerance for bullshite
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Janky50 months
What a clown.
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StupidBinder50 months
The only clown thing is that the league forces players to talk to the media. If his reasons for coming back are private and he doesn’t want to share them, who gives a damn?
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Ignignot50 months
his cash flow probably needing a boost
user avatar
Strannix50 months
GOAT media guy
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