After months of not supporting QB Tim Tebow, John Elway is finally a believer. Does this mean they won't go out and try to get a QB in the draft? No. But I like hearing Elway say the right thing for once. Here are a few excerpts from an interview with the Associated Press, Elway said...

"Tim Tebow's not going anywhere," Elway said. "I mean, he's going to be a Bronco and we're going to do everything we can and hopefully he's that guy."

"The best way for Tim to develop was to be good on the defensive side and take our time with him on the offensive side," Elway said. "And that wouldn't dump all the pressure on him and say, `Here you go, in your second year you need to go out and score 35 points a game.'

"I think that comment (referring to his comments on not having a QB yet) was probably a little bit too blunt," Elway said. "Because I think the big picture with Tim is we've got to see the whole body of work. And so really what you want to see with him is the improvement that's going to happen over time.

"Because, he's done what we knew he could do and where we've seen his progress is what he does within the pocket. What we've said, and I said it when I first got here, was we know Tim's a great player and what we've got to do is make him a great quarterback, and what I've learned is you've got to be able to win from within the pocket."

Tebow's famous work ethic will help him hone his craft, said Elway, who seems to be rooting for him as much as the quarterback's legions of fans.

"We want it to happen because of the competitor he is and what type of person he is and how he represents not only himself but represents the Broncos and the city," Elway said. "People have been watching him, so he's a draw. But that's where some time in the offseason (helps) and it comes down to timing and throwing.

"Do I think he'll get there? Yeah, I do."
See John, it's not that hard to be supportive in the press.
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