I can't imagine how helpless Sean Payton feels when watching his team play. So how did he react when the Saints started losing last Sunday against the Redskins?

“I sat down with a pad and paper and watched the game,” Payton said. “Just started eating a bunch of junk food in the fourth quarter when they were losing.”

“You feel like you’re watching your own family members so when they experience a loss, it’s frustrating,” Payton said. “I think it’s more frustrating when you’re just sitting back afar from a couch watching.”

“These guys are pros and they understand week by week getting onto the next game and they certainly understand the importance of this next game,” Payton said. “The next one will be important. We’re in the division this week. We’ll handle this the right way.”

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I like the use of the word We in the last two sentences.
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