Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan Says:
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There's been a lot of talk, as of late, that New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan and head coach Sean Payton don't really get along very well. They've been seen on the sidelines screaming at each other more than couple times. But Ryan told ESPN's Mike Triplett that's not the case...

"I'll tell you what, I don't admire many people outside of my own family. But Sean's at the top of the list,"

"I love Sean Payton," he later added. "I can't speak for him about me. Probably likes me, too. But I love him, and I respect the (expletive) out of him. But he's great people. ... He's a pilot, I'm one of them gunnery guys in the back going, 'Huh? What'd you say? Keep (expletive) shooting.'"

"Look, the two best coaches in the league right now are Sean and Bill Belichick. I've been fortunate to work for both," Ryan added. "And both of 'em have ripped my arse on the sideline. In fact, Belichick popped my earmuff on my head one time. I felt like filing a suit, but I didn't. But I still have damage."
Do you believe him?
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