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The Fiesta Bowl went out and got themselves a new sponsor. Out with Playstation, in with Vrbo...

"We put on a mega-event every year," said Fiesta Bowl chief marketing officer Jose Moreno. "This is even a bigger mega-event, with the playoff. We are going to be that gateway to go on to the national championship in Los Angeles."
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ElTigreFuego19 months
Good maybe I might finally stop seeing those stupid commercials before every YouTube video I watch
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JackieTreehorn19 months
Should name it after the southern border since there’s a fiesta going on there 24/7.
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Flablete19 months
Tostitos was a perfect name too
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Lynxrufus201219 months
So Citrus and Fiesta now?
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Sput19 months
Well I guess VRBO’s shitty fees are about to go up
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