Syracuse QB Terrel Hunt was ejected after punching a Villanova player who had sacked him. The defender did come in high and a little late, but still not worth taking a swing at him. Check it out...

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ztownbird119 months
What an idiot punching his facemask. If your gonna get ejected at least cause the other guy some pain.
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Datbayoubengal119 months
shouldn't have gotten ejected, just personal foul. Other guy lunged at his head while he was already on the ground, and could have messed up his neck. Guy barely gets an edge of his face mask.
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Newgene118 months
Ejecting someone for hitting a facemask is stupid. I wish refs had one consistent way of calling a game.
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LSU6969118 months
bbesse - Thinking that just because the punch hit the helmet instead of the player is even more stupid than the call.
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