To say Little Rock was pumped when they upset Purdue in double overtime on Thursday would be a massive understatement. After the game, head coach Chris Beard was like an excited 6-year-old who didn't know what to do with his emotions. So he turned the locker room into a celebratory mosh pit...

Beard was seen wearing a brace while coaching yesterday and that was because he broke his hand while punching a dry erase board at the Sun Belt Tournament. The coach told ESPN...

“We talk a lot about boxing in our program, we’re a good defensive team. We believe in boxing-sort of footwork,” he told reporters. “But unfortunately I didn’t get the message with the handwork so a dry erase board. There was a chair there and I thought about using the chair but Coach (Bob) Knight told me to never do that, never use a chair in those situations.”
I like this guy.

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