Lakers rookie forward Julius Randle broke his right leg.
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Lakers rookie forward Julius Randle broke his right leg midway through the fourth quarter of Tuesday night's 108-90 loss to the Houston Rockets. Per ESPN:

The Lakers said the initial diagnosis by team doctors at Staples Center was a broken tibia. Randle was to undergo further evaluation, and the Lakers said they would provide an update on his status Wednesday.

"It is heartbreaking, because I saw him all summer," coach Byron Scott said. "I saw the work that he was putting in. I saw the progression that he was making, the steps that he was taking to get better. And his first game, he goes down. I don't think anybody in that locker room is happy about the way we played, but we're even more saddened about the fact that we lost one of our young guys."
The Dallas native from the University of Kentucky was selected seventh overall in the draft last June.
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shite happens, but at least it happened after he signed his contract. cant feel sorry for him seeing all these poor frickers over here in Asia..... life is like a box of chocolates - you never know what youre going to get
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