If the NBA lockout continues the New Jersey Nets point guard Deron Williams is planning to play in Turkey. Sources say he has struck an agreement to play for Besiktas, the same club that signed Allen Iverson last year for a short time. The terms of the agreement would allow Williams to return to the NBA once the lockout is lifted.

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I would like to think that he is doing this because he loves to play Basketball Period. There are still some players out there that play for the love of the game, but I am not sure if he is one of them. Maybe he needs the money? Maybe he just wants to stay in basketball shape? I remember when my buddies and I would play till we we kicked out of the Gym then go find another gym or play ground. I hope that there are some NBA players that are still GYM RATs. I know there are people that say his is risking too much possibly getting injured, but go ahead Deron play for the love of the Game. I never really liked you as a player but you just gained some respect with me.
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