It's been speculated all season that Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers was going to take a break after this season. But after last night's series losing loss to the Miami Heat, Doc went on to say this...

"I'm leaning heavily towards coming back,"... "I haven't made that decision. But I can tell you that I probably will. I've kind of come to that over the last couple of weeks. I'm a Celtic and I love our guys....I want to win again here. I do. And I'm competitive as hell. I have a competitive group, and so we'll see. But I can tell you that's where I'm at today. Tomorrow, I may change my mind, but that's where I'm at today." Rivers then added: "I don't believe this team is done."
I don't know if the team has fully recovered from Kendrick Perkins being traded to the Thunder, so I'd imagine Doc leaving could really be a hard hit to the them emotionally.
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