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LSU has the 2nd toughest schedule for 2017, according to the latest ESPN Football Power Index rankings. Cal came in at No. 1 with the toughest schedule for 2017.

Here is a look at LSU's 2017 schedule:

9/2 vs. BYU
9/9 vs. Chattanooga
9/16 at Mississippi St.
9/23 vs. Syracuse
9/30 vs. Troy
10/7 at Florida
10/14 vs. Auburn
10/21 at Ole Miss
11/4 at Alabama
11/11 vs. Arkansas
11/18 at Tennessee
11/25 vs. Texas A&M

Here is the complete Top 25 SOS:

1. Cal
2. LSU
3. USC
4. Georgia
5. Florida
6. Stanford
7. South Carolina
9. Arizona State
10. Alabama
11. Georgia Tech
12. Oregon State
13. FSU
14. Utah
15. Miss St
16. Texas A&M
17. Vanderbilt
18. NC State
19. Auburn
20. Clemson
21. Maryland
22. Notre Dame
23. Iowa State
24. Wake Forest
25. Duke
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Did a little checking on the LSU-Bama series. Since Bear Bryant retired in 1982, the Tigers are 11-6 in Tuscaloosa. Alabama, meanwhile, is 14-4-1 in Tiger Stadium. The road team usually wins these games. Overall, Alabama holds about a 2-1 edge over us. But with our talent and new coaching staff, I don't care where we play. Let's get it on!
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I'm talking overall history Louisianaboy87. Bama had a 30 year win streak(15 games) against us in Tiger Stadium until a Saban led Tiger team won in 02 or 03. I was there as the fans stormed the field and tore down the goal posts. I can't recall many wins since then at home but I can recall several on the road. Still, new coach, clean slate.
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Some blame needs to go to the buffoon that agreed to play at Florida in 2017 & 2018.
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We're already making excuses.
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So what's new? Such is life in the SEC West. Beat em all, and we're in the playoffs! Also, we play Bama better in Tuscaloosa than in Tiger Stadium. Bring it on!
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Hmmm our last two trips to Tuscaloosa have resulted in us losing 30-16 and 38-17. So idk about the notion that we play them better in Tuscaloosa. Our last victory against them was in Tuscaloosa however, we've played them very close and let them off the hook in 2012 and 2014 in our own stadium. Should've have been victories.
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Five SEC games are away.....and Three are at home. Seems slightly intense.
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So basically the SEC and PAC 12 are expected to have the toughest conferences.
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Remember that year we beat the Rose Bowl champ (Oregon) at a neutral site, the Orange Bowl champ (West Virginia) on the road and the National Champ (Bama) on the road? Let's Do This Again Tigers!!!!
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How can anyone in the PAC whatever claim a tough schedule? I mean... really...
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those away games are just brutal
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Oh look, one Big10 school....... Its Maryland
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