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The Denver Broncos selected LSU defensive back Kary Vincent Jr. with pick No. 237 in the 7th round of the NFL Draft.

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LSU FSU Grad34 months
We are fans. We think every player is the GOAT. Fact is, Vincent is small, even for a CB. He's fast, very fast, but it's all straight line. He doesn't move well laterally. He's best with the action in front of him and flying up like a missile. That's a safety. But Vincent, though mostly willing, isn't a sure tackler. Despite the speed and the high recruiting ranking, he just didn't warrant a high draft pick. But he's a Tiger so...HE GOT ROBBED!
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CanebreakCajun34 months
This is one opt out that was a bad move. Dang coaching mistake.
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KCSunshine34 months
Good thing he opted out to get ready for pros....he prolly wouldn’t have been drafted
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DVinBR34 months
should've played last year and play next year as well, could have made a lot more money
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Shiftyplus134 months
Agreed. At least O has a warning story now.
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DByrd234 months
This was one hell of a steal. Katy was excellent over the top during the championship season. Not sure what dropped him so low, but I don’t think it was his abilities.
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