Alabama Team Doctors Save LSU Police Officer Saturday.
The drama wasn't over after LSU's game against Alabama last Saturday night. As Alabama team doctors were leaving Tiger Stadium, they stopped to help an LSU officer who was struck by a car a few miles away on his motorcycle. Luckily the docs had the trauma training necessary to help the officer, who when they arrived, was lying on his side, unresponsive and obviously hurt. Per

When the doctors arrived at the scene, Alabama's head team doctor Dr. Lyle Cain, took over and led the team as they attended to the officer on the side of the road, who ended up having a broken leg, broken arm and fractured ribs. The doctors were without any of their equipment — it was on the plane with the football team — but did what they could given the circumstances.
One of the Crimson Tide doctors on the scene, Dr. Norman Waldrop, said...

“Fortunately for him there were three physicians who had taken care of trauma before,” “As an orthopedic surgeon you’ve seen lots of trauma. It’s not a part of my everyday practice now but I remember thinking it was coming back to me pretty quickly about what to do.”

“I think he probably would’ve been ok but you would like to think that we had a small part in stabilizing him,” Waldrop said. “I do remember thinking that between Dr. Cain, myself and Dr. Emblom, that the communication was very good, we all knew what we were doing and it certainly helped smooth things out and helped keep everyone around it calm.”
The officer had surgery that night to repair some of the injuries, and is recovering in stable condition. We're all on the same team when it counts
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