Odell Beckham Jr. had a nice one-handed touchdown catch Sunday against the Eagles and his former LSU teammate Jalen Mills who was guarding him on the play.

Beckham Jr. finished the game with nine receptions for 79 yards and two touchdowns.

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Blind Zebras77 months
Way to ruin a nice catch with a racist black power fist at the end
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lsunupe0577 months
Not a racist statement. Don't be a prick.
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DocJerome77 months
No, not quite. That is not in the least racist, but I understand that you would view any semblance of pride in black struggle a threat to your privilege, and the system of white supremacy that undergirds it.
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tigerpawl77 months
Wish I would've known before watching. Please reset my person game clock with those 10 seconds.
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baobabtiger77 months
NFL. Not watching.
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