Just last week we saw former LSU running back Derrius Guice surprise his mother with a brand new car after finally making it to the NFL.

On Wednesday, it was Donte Jackson's turn to do the same with his Mom...

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CDawson67 months
At least we know where he got his height.
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SuckFickNaban67 months
but he cant afford more than a $5 tip... what a chump
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Lutcher Lad67 months
Good for Donte! And his Mom! C'mon all you haters...he's a TIGER! I pulled for you when you wore the purple & gold, and I will pull for you in the realm of life.
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ByUselves67 months
Good for him & his mom. Guess his dad got a used bike?
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Mrtommorrow198767 months
Prob put the deposit down and stuck her with the bill.
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OceanMan67 months
Aside from your baseless accusation, you don’t sound like you’ve ever bought a car.
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Placebeaux67 months
Good for Donte
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ELchapoLSU67 months
I just came to see the negative comments
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UnAnon67 months
5 dollar tip
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KennabraTiger67 months
Oh, that’s why his tip was so low. He was saving money.
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UptownnMike67 months
Precisely haha.
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