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LSU dropped 10 spots to No. 18 in the Amway Coaches Poll:

1. Florida State
2. Alabama
3. Oklahoma
4. Oregon
5. Auburn
6. Baylor
7. Texas A&M
8. Notre Dame
9. Michigan State
10. UCLA
11. Ole Miss
12. Arizona State
13. Georgia
14. Stanford
15. South Carolina
16. Mississippi State
17. Wisconsin
18. LSU
19. Nebraska
20. Ohio State
21. BYU
22. USC
23. Duke
24. East Carolina
25. Kansas State

LSU dropped to No. 17 in the latest AP Poll:

1. Florida State
2. Oregon
3. Alabama
4. Oklahoma
5. Auburn
6. Texas A&M
7. Baylor
8. Notre Dame
9. Michigan State
10. Ole Miss
11. UCLA
12. Georgia
13. South Carolina
14. Mississippi State
15. Arizona State
16. Stanford
17. LSU
18. USC
19. Wisconsin
20. Brigham Young
21. Nebraska
22. Ohio State
23. East Carolina
24. Oklahoma State
25. Kansas State
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JoeLabruzzo115 months
Dont forget it went down to the LAST play ! A couple of breaks and it would have been another W . And State is maybe farther along in their particular development as a team . The thing is LSU has POTENTIAL ! I dont know how many teams have come back from a 34-10 2nd half deficit to get to the LAST play . Its a tribute to the POTENTIAL of this team . They will be an ELITE TEAM .
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tigerbite2115 months
Be positive...we started slow, played crappy, and Mstate has more mature players. If we continue this "style" of play, we got one more win this season. Now, if we gamble on defense and grow up, we can catch a beat up Bama in Nov. We will be 5-4 at best and Bama will be 5-3 at best. ( Bama plays at OleMiss and Arkansas)...Polls will not matter...we are down, but we can salvage the season and go to the toilet bowl...Miles and staff will try, but I don't see us doing well with a "Jefferson" style qb who flings the ball, scrambles around on broken plays, and keeps the defense on the field most of the game...
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SpidermanTUba115 months
Don't really see how whisky is above us.

Other than that seems totally fair. Remember LSU started off the AP at #13.
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tigerpawl115 months
East Carolina deserves better....
user avatar
La Place Mike115 months
I think they are being generous.
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Camo Tiger 337115 months
Damn how the hell we drop 10 spots?? 10?!! I know it wasn't a beautiful performance but 10?! Wow
user avatar
SpookeyTiger115 months
Ah the wisdom of the polls. They mean nothing bur unfortunately they will be used to factor in the playoff teams.
user avatar
Fububutsy115 months
And Georgia above South Carolina. These voters are drunk.
user avatar
sdc74115 months
That's dumb. How can they be above us?
user avatar
OblongMidget115 months
How does LSU drop below Wisconsin?
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