Here is the latest playoff tracker for the LSU Tigers.
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Here is what David Ching with ESPN had to say about LSU in the latest SEC Playoff Tracker:

Record: 7-2 (3-2 SEC)
Rank:No. 19
Next big obstacle: Nov. 8 vs. Alabama

Reason for optimism: Look who’s back. Most of us thought we’d seen the last of LSU as a playoff contender when Auburn humiliated Les Miles’ club 41-7 on Oct. 4. But after winning three in a row, including one against Ole Miss on Saturday, the Tigers might not be out of it after all. They can truly state their case against Alabama next weekend.

Cause for concern: The Tigers haven’t exactly been lighting up the scoreboard against better opponents. They turned it over and scored just 10 points gainst Ole Miss. Until it is more balanced on offense, LSU will lean heavily on its defense and running game and hope that’s enough to win. The results on that front have been mixed.

Who they’ll be rooting for this week: Ole Miss vs. Auburn, Arkansas at Mississippi State

-- David Ching
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Well...we need Arkansas to go to Starkville and do something incredible...Ole Miss can lose to Auburn...(Auburn has Georgia and Bama left)....Lot of football left.....Lot of 2 loss teams down the stretch...aint it a hoot?
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