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Ole Miss head coach Matt Luke met with the local Oxford media on Monday to talk about this Saturday's upcoming game against LSU and former Ole Miss head coach Ed Orgeron.

Luke served as tight ends coach and recruiting coordinator under Orgeron at Ole Miss during the 2005 season. Per

“I have a lot of respect for coach Ed Orgeron. I worked for him for a year as his recruiting coordinator. He’s obviously very energetic guy and I learned a lot from him. I’ve been very impressed at how he’s rallied his team. Very impressive their last two wins on third down — Auburn was 3-of-14 and Florida was 2-of-9. They did a good job getting off the field defensively. That’s been the difference in their wins. Offensively, they give you a lot of schematic problems with their shifts and motions trying to out-leverage and out-flank you. They have a lot of good players. It’s definitely going to be an exciting atmosphere in Vaught-Hemingway on Saturday. That home field advantage was huge for us this Saturday. Our players feed off of our crowd. We’re excited to have another home SEC game.”

On LSU’s play over the last two weeks…
“Any time somebody gets written off and you can bounce back, that’s really special. That’s a tribute to coach Orgeron for him to rally his team. The biggest thing that stands out to me is their third-down production on defense and getting people off the field. Auburn 3-of-14, Florida 2-of-9 — that’s a recipe for winning football games. I’ve been impressed at how they’ve rallied. To go on the road to get a win at Florida then come and beat a top-10 team, they obviously have things going in the right direction, so we’ve got our work cut out for us.”

On Derrius Guice…
“He’s just a good back. We’ve seen him before and he’s very talented. They attack you outside on the perimeter, so your safeties have to be there. Your linebackers have to see all the eye candy, then you have a talented back like him and a physical offensive line. I think their scheme and the way they attack you is tough, and he’s obviously a great back. We have to do a great job at tackling him. One-on-one, he’s going to win that matchup an awful lot, so we’re going to have to get a lot of people to the ball.”

On LSU’s offensive playmakers…
“You’ve got to stop Guice. That’s first. They do a good job with their speed sweep motions to different people. D.J. Chalk returned a punt for a touchdown, so you’ve got to stop him. They’ll get him in some one-on-one matchups. If you load the box up, they’ll hurt you with the speed sweeps. They’ve got some guys who can beat you on the perimeter. But the big focus is stopping Guice. You want to take him out of the game and make them one-dimensional.”

On coaching against Ed Orgeron…
“This is a huge game. I think fans will be excited to be here. It’s an Ole Miss/LSU rivalry. As far as me, I only worked with him for a year, but we are cordial. It’ll be a competitive game and I’m looking forward to it. I was very impressed with his attack in the recruiting aspect of it. I was impressed with that and liked his energy. It’s easy to see why players rally around him and play for him. Those are the two things I learned being around him, the amount of energy and his work ethic. He has a tireless work ethic.”
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