LSU released another spring practice hype video on Wednesday which features plenty of clips from practice so far.

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RealityTiger94 months
Levitate, levitate, levitate...
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themunch94 months
Get with the times... what was dat.
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lob128494 months
New Kdot.... The "I hate the music" crowd might just needs to get with the times.
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jab329294 months
Needs more 3 Doors Down.
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Woverw94 months
I did not levitate to this sound track.
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TigahTeeth94 months
That song is dumb. And now I'm dumb for hearing it. WTF?
user avatar
TaderSalad94 months
For you folks complaining about music... this is what happens when your states to broke to the licensing fees to borrow cooler music.. we get stuck with this garbage.
user avatar
ag3ntpurpl394 months
Lol...your ignorance to who the actual artist is shows you don't know what the hell you're talking about.
user avatar
Jumbo_Gumbo94 months
Hopefully a better music choice next time.
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ellunchboxo94 months
Hype videos are gay
user avatar
VesperiaLSU94 months
The music is freaking weird
user avatar
deathvalleyfreak4394 months
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