For Immediate Release - April 21, 2018


Opening Statement…

“I think you’ve all seen tonight what I’ve been talking about with all the quarterbacks. Sometimes they’re doing well sometimes they’re not. I thought Justin McMillan had a good game tonight. I thought he extended plays with his feet when he was in. We moved the football when he and Clyde (Edwards-Helaire) were back there. I thought the offense was moving the football down the field. Just talking with Steve (Ensminger), I thought there were some inconsistencies. There are still some misreads, some missed throws, some missed protections. I told our team that we will be a good football team when we execute. The theme for the summer will be execution. Fumbled snaps, people going the wrong way, dropped footballs, that stalls drives. But when we did execute, I thought we made big plays. I thought we made some big plays down the field. There were a couple of times we didn’t call a sack that would have probably been a sack instead of a touchdown. Justin Jefferson made some big plays. Stephen Sullivan showed out today. Some other guys were disappointed. They had some better springs, but they didn’t show out the like they did, today. Defensively, I thought we started very strong. Obviously, we tailed off towards the end. We allowed them to make some plays. Overall, I was pleased with our football team and I was pleased with the preparation by our coaches. There was a lot of energy in here. It was a good finish. These guys took this game very seriously and I’m pleased with our football team.”

On throwing the ball deep downfield…

“We love to do that. We started out throwing the short, intermediate routes, but we wanted to hit them deep, especially when we get one-on-one coverage and get great protection. We have some quarterbacks that can scramble, some guys who can extend plays with their feet and they have strong arms. They can throw the football down the field, that’s what you saw tonight.”

On Justin McMillan having more experience than other quarterbacks…

“I think that gives him an advantage. Obviously, he’s a junior. He won the state championship in high school. He’s been here. He’s older. He’s playing with more confidence right now than the other quarterbacks. It’s about what he’s been doing. He keeps on coming up. The other guys have had better practices. I don’t think this was Myles’ (Brennan) best practice. I don’t think it was Lowell’s (Narcisse) best practice. We would have a practice like this, Justin would be the best player, then we would come back and then one of the other guys would be the best players. It’s been up and down the whole spring, but overall I think Justin had a good night.”

On the playmaking ability of Justin Jefferson…

“Jefferson can catch the ball. He is smooth. He runs routes well. He has a great knack for getting yards after the catch. He’s a good player.”
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Yea, the shotgun snaps were horrible for most of the game. Also, a lot of bad exchanges from under center.
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