After LSU's scrimmage on Saturday, coach Les Miles accepted Governor Bobby Jindal's ALS ice bucket challenge. Danielle Hunter first dumped a bucket of grass on the coach, and then La'el Collins followed with the ice water:

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In return, coach Miles challenged his 4 coordinators on the team.
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SanJoseTigerFan115 months
They poured marijuana on him... I've seen it!!!!
user avatar
Navytiger74115 months
Grass followed by water? Must have itched like a son of a bitch.
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LSULyle00690115 months
Enough with the damn grass
user avatar
FT115 months
Lyle, you can suck my balls. It's his thing and he's good at it.
user avatar
bherm1988115 months
Enough with LSULyle00690 bitching, go get laid boy damn.
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DrTyger115 months
Gotta love Les
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