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December 26, 2019

Ja'marr Chase

Atlanta, Georgia

Q. Ja'Maar Chase, wide receiver for the LSU Tigers. How crazy has this trip been?
JA'MARR CHASE: It's been unbelievable for us, just having fun and competing.

Q. When you look back at this season, you started off with Texas. That was sort of when you established yourself as this offensive power. You haven't let up. When did you know this offense was going to be when it has become?
JA'MARR CHASE: Offense in the summertime was going against our defense. That's when I found out who we were.

Q. Speaking of your defense, it has come along throughout the course of the season, especially the last month. Did you see that coming? Did you see that coming in practice?
JA'MARR CHASE: Actually I did. You know, I mean, you're going to have a few flaws coming in the new year, so we thought about fixing those flaws and getting back on track, and I think I did a good personal job of that this year.

Q. When you look at Oklahoma's defense, Alex Grinch has done a good job this year changing what they've been able to do. What stands out about them?
JA'MARR CHASE: I see a lot about their speed. They play a lot of two-man. Don't want to get beat deep. But I see a lot of one-on-ones though. I do see that.

Q. You obviously went through the banquet circuit, the awards circuit. How much of a relief was it to get back to focusing on football?
JA'MARR CHASE: When I got here for the award thing I was still focused on football. I brought my iPad out here to watch film still. But I never quit football. Even when I'm busy I'm still looking at it.

Q. Clyde's injury has been part of the story line leading up to this game. You have some freshmen running backs. When they practice, when you see them, what stands out?
JA'MARR CHASE: Ty is a more downhill runner. He's likely to drop a shoulder on anybody. John is more of a first move and speed. But both of those guys will always make the first guy miss.

Q. Are you guys ready to roll?
JA'MARR CHASE: Yes, sir.

Q. When you look at Oklahoma, is it hard to not think about a championship game because you're such a favorite and they come in here kind of banged up? Is there any chance of not looking at them the way --
JA'MARR CHASE: No, I wouldn't say that. Right now actually we're just focusing on this game. We can't jump too far ahead and lose track of this game. I think we have enough tunnel vision right now for this game.

Q. What do you see in the Sooner secondary that you'll be going against?
JA'MARR CHASE: I see a lot of fast guys. A couple of them have tight hips, but some of them are slow, too. I think we'll have good match-ups all around.

Q. See much one-on-one for you or are you looking at them having a guy over the top and at least giving you one and a half?
JA'MARR CHASE: I mean, it's been happening all year, the double teams. The one-on-one chance, it comes every game. Whenever I get it, I have to make the most out of it.

Q. How much fun has this season been to get to this point?
JA'MARR CHASE: This season has really been fun. I'll say that. We had a lot of laughs during the game that made good memories for us. It's just a blessing to be here.

Q. What's it's like (indiscernible)?
JA'MARR CHASE: It's fun being under Coach Orgeron. I go into practice every day with my jersey up and he tells me to take it down, so I can't say nothing about that but he's a fun guy. I like him. Love him.

Q. Ja'Marr, what stands out to you about CeeDee Lamb?
JA'MARR CHASE: His after-catch. He's a big after-catch guy. He knows how to make people miss.

Q. How impressive is that? At wide receiver you know how difficult some of those kind of plays are.
JA'MARR CHASE: I mean, it's not more impressive than Justin Jefferson's moves. I watch him every day and I still try to take some of his moves because he's so quick.

It's pretty impressive. As a receiver you have to have some type of skill to get yourself open.

Q. When you look at Oklahoma and see their DBs, what do y'all have been accustomed to making this year?
JA'MARR CHASE: We just have to make them feel our speed. Run up to them, make them feel our speed. That's when we can get them to flip their hips.

Q. Various people look at the Big 12 and say that they don't play defense, but obviously you see that Oklahoma has some players on theirs. What do y'all feel when -- what do you see on film like your wide receivers having over their secondary?
JA'MARR CHASE: Like I said, I feel like once you get any team, any body to feel your speed as a route runner, you'll get them to flip their hips and that's when you'll make your route look very good on them. But in other words, those guys are good. I give credit to them. They got this far, too, just like us, but we're going to find a weakness on the team and we're going to attack it.

Q. How easy has Joe made y'all's job as receivers?
JA'MARR CHASE: He made it pretty easy. We work on our timing every day at practice, so that's why I'd probably say it's that easy for us, and if we probably mess up a route, I know we do it probably two to three times after.

Q. Joe mentioned in his speech, but talk about Coach O, what he means to this program and the fact that not many places gave him a chance but LSU gave him a chance and where he's brought y'all.
JA'MARR CHASE: That's unbelievable from Coach O to give somebody who didn't play for four years, three, four years and give him a shot to come to LSU, LSU is a big program, and the quarterback spot is even bigger, and for Joe to step up and take that role as a man, it's incredible for him. Coach O, same thing what Joe said. Coach O, that's my guy.

Q. Is it one of those like everybody on that team echos what he said?
JA'MARR CHASE: Yeah, I mean, Coach O, he's a very good guy. He lifts everyone up. He comes to practice hyped every practice. But it's just him pushing us every day at practice. That's what makes us better.

Q. You mentioned Oklahoma's secondary and talked about them as a whole. What stands out to you about Parnell Motley, No. 11?
JA'MARR CHASE: Nothing stands out about him too much. I watch him. I see he's -- I don't know if he's that long. I don't really know how tall he is. I see he's kind of fast. He'll try to put your hands on somebody just a little bit, but I'm ready for it. I want him to put his hands on me.

Q. Why is that?
JA'MARR CHASE: Because he's going to feel me then.

Q. You guys are a very confident team. Where does that come from?
JA'MARR CHASE: It comes with heart. That's where it comes from. You step on that field, you've got to have heart to play football. It's not a game of babies. Everybody on this team is grown men.

Q. I've been to a few of these covering OU. It's rare to hear teams exude such confidence. Is that SEC, Baton Rouge?
JA'MARR CHASE: I think that's the Louisiana in us. We got it for a reason, so I think that's what that's from.

Q. A little pride in that?
JA'MARR CHASE: Yeah, yeah.

Q. Who do you know on Oklahoma? Do you know anyone? Did you go to camp with any of those dudes growing up or anything?
JA'MARR CHASE: I know T.J. Pledger, Bookie Radley. I don't really know them like that, but in high school we went to (indiscernible) with those guys. They're cool cats.

Q. Do you know Jalen at all, Jalen Hurts?
JA'MARR CHASE: I met him here a couple of weeks ago, but I don't really know him too much.

Q. Do you respect him? Obviously you do. How much do you respect a story like his, what he's been able to do?
JA'MARR CHASE: That's incredible. I'm glad he made it this far as a person, as a player. But I hope the best for him.
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