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Head coach Brian Kelly held his weekly press conference on Monday to provide team updates and preview the upcoming Auburn game. Here's what he had to say:

On LSU's 3-1 start: "I've been really proud of the way our players have embraced change and done the things we've asked them. The SEC slate ahead of us will challenge us to a new level.

On Auburn's quarterbacks: They are preparing for both quarterbacks TJ Finley and Robby Ashford. "Those quarterbacks possess very different playstyles."

Injury updates:

-QB Jayden Daniels is good and will be able to practice this week, "No residual effect from his injury."

-DB Jay Ward should be able to go. Should practice on Tuesday.

-RB Armoni Goodwin is day-to-day.

On the shuffling secondary: "You would like a little bit more continuity back there.” Says Joe Foucha will be back from suspension, "he's so experienced." Jay Ward will be back too.

On Hurricane Ian: "You have to be prepared to play in rainy conditions. You have to plan accordingly."

On quarterback Jayden Daniels: Says "decisiveness" is starting to become the vocabulary in watching Jayden Daniels instead of "hesitant," as he gains more knowledge of the offense. Says the New Mexico game helped his development. "He was quick, comfortable, and decisive."

On LSU's first month as a new team: "It was about following a process. Now we have to apply it to the SEC. That's a step up. Next month will be good and bad days. We're going to have to trust and keep going."

Brian Kelly on Jack Bech's punt returns vs. New Mexico: "Fearless... Fearless. He's at his best when he's not worried about any factors other than competing and getting the ball in his hands."

Kayshon Boutte will be back this week after missing the New Mexico game for the birth of his child, Kell said.

Brian Kelly on Joe Foucha returning this week after a four-game suspension: “He's played on the scout team for the last month, which helped him stay ready. He was a pain to deal with because he was so good. He’s been actively involved. He’ll be ready to play right away.”

Brian Kelly on freshman LB Harold Perkins: Says DC Matt House is giving him smaller pieces of the playbook so that he can go play fast since he's so talented. "He is twitchy. He's fast. He has all the tools. And he's very coachable."

Brian Kelly on center Charles Turner: He's a great communicator. But it's going to get harder with SEC play. Having big guards Garrett Dellinger & Miles Frazier helps him.

On preparing for Auburn: LSU will go 1s vs. 1s this week, as there is a lot of carry-over on how similar Auburn and LSU's styles are on both sides of the ball.

On the kicking game: Damian Ramos will be their field goal and extra point kicker. He hasn't made a decision on kick-offs as Ramos has hooked some. Nathan Dibert might be the kickoff specialist for the rest of the year. Still to be determined.
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