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Brian Kelly held his weekly press conference on Monday to recap the Alabama win and provide team updates ahead of Saturday's game vs. Arkansas.

Kelly on the atmosphere at Tiger Stadium and the win vs. Alabama: "The sustained effort from our football team created that sustained atmosphere. That was consistency. That was really great to see. It's a good win, and our players had 24 hours to enjoy it. Now it's on to Arkansas."

Kelly asked if Saturday's game was the biggest win of his career: "The biggest one of my career is going to be when we win a national championship. So I'm focused on one thing when I came down here, and that's to win championships. That's one game. It was an exciting win, but I don't put it in the category of the biggest."

On RB Armoni Goodwin, who had just one carry vs. Alabama: "Goodwin is fine. Frank Wilson wanted to stick with the physical combo of Josh Williams and John Emery Jr."

On the DT depth after losing Maason Smith: "Any time you lose a stalwart like Maason Smith there's cause for concern. We've done a good job of mixing up the front. That's really helped us a lot. The loss of Smith was big. We have managed it by being smart.

On the OL Play: "There was really good awareness by the offensive line that was a huge part of our success Saturday."

On LB Harold Perkins: "He's a bit of a 'throwback.' He just wants to know what he's asked to do, and he'll go out there and do it and figure it out. He doesn't need a lot of the 'whys'. Just tell me what I need to do, and I'll go do it."

Brian Kelly on player improvement: "They jumped in the deep end, but they weren't going to drown. They were going to find a way to stay above water by kicking and doing whatever was necessary. They have fight and pride."

On Arkansas being a trap game & cold temps: "We practiced outside in January and February to be ready for cold temps. It's a trap game if you're not thinking right. This is about consistency."

On preparing for a big game: "You prepare by being consistent. Nothing changed about the way we prepared last week for Alabama. We didn't do anything different than we did for Ole Miss."

On the SEC west race: "Our goal is to graduate champions. Let's take another step toward being a champion. Let's do the things that we need to do. It starts with today. Be on time, get to class, etc. But it's out there. They know what they're going for."

On TE Mason Taylor: "Taylor has grown both physically and mentally throughout this season. He's gained 20 pounds and has done a good job learning his role in the offense. Analyst Terry Malone has been integral in Taylor's development."

On OG Garrett Dellinger: "He could play this weekend. We worked him out yesterday, and he looked good."

On CB Jarrick Bernard-Converse: "He has been invaluable. He's so steady. You know what you are going to get out of him."
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