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Former LSU offensive tackle La'el Collins will be voluntarily leaving the NFL Draft in Chicago in order to meet with police, who want to talk to him about the shooting death of a pregnant woman in Baton Rouge. Per ESPN:

Police said Tuesday that Collins is not believed to be a suspect in last week's death of Brittney Mills, but they want to talk to Collins to see if he can provide them with information.

A source told Schefter that Collins is leaving the draft in an effort to clear his name.
Update: Collins has left the NFL Draft in Chicago but has not met with police yet.
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GeeOH106 months
You guys can't seriously think they are wanting to talk with him for no reason?
Something is up. NO way they don't do a phone interview or fly someone to him if it's just an interview for casual information.
And seriously, frick you guys for criticizing the police for doing their job for a MURDERED pregnant woman! Draft or not, if your daughter were murdered, would you want to wait till after the draft to get info to catch her killer?

Collins is hiding something. I look for them to do genetics on the fetus to see who's the baby daddy
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TaderSalad106 months
W4S, You do realize they asked him to come down for an interview and he said no, and so they leaked this to the media right?
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Datbayoubengal106 months
@DDB, the problem isn't with BRPD, the problem is with the a-hole Schefter and the police who leaked this to him. The guy isn't even a suspect, so we have to tarnish his name and ruin all his credibility he has built up over his life even BEFORE he is charged let alone a suspect of anything. This is pretty much regular police procedure that they do with family and recent past relationships so they can actually identify suspects.
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Jwils106 months
Collins seemed like such a great representative of LSU and "yesterday's society". I really hope he is cleared of this and has a great pro career.
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UserName69106 months
DDB, apparently not. They are wanting him to leave Chicago to meet in BR. They need to get their priorities straight.
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W4S, I'm sure BRPD is more worried about his draft position than a pregnant woman's murder
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waiting4saturday106 months
BRPD is seriously fricking him over with this bullshite. If he isn't a suspect then shut-up until the draft is over.
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CaptainPanic106 months
Seriously? The draft is way more important.
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