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LSU head coach Ed Orgeron was asked about his future during his weekly press conference luncheon on Monday. Here is what he had to say, according to ASAP Sports.

QUESTION: "I know you have a game to play Thursday night. But looking at the bigger picture, many of your players have expressed support for you. Can you talk about that? And do you expect to interview formally for the job once this game is over?"

COACH ORGERON: "You know, it's good that you asked that question. When we started this, when I came up to the podium it seemed like yesterday. It passed very fast. And we talked about taking it one day at a time and just doing the best I can on a daily basis. So I'm going up through the game following that routine. Whatever happens after the game I'm sure we're going to discuss. We haven't discussed anything yet. And things are going to happen the way it should. But my job is to prepare this team to play on Thanksgiving. Pete Jinkens and I were talking about it this morning, what a wonderful opportunity we have to coach LSU on Thanksgiving night in front of a national crowd. And that's all we focus on right now."

Q: "You mentioned that it's gone by very fast. What has the opportunity to be the interim head coach meant to you?"

COACH ORGERON: "It's been fantastic. What a ride. It's been great. The head coach at LSU being from Louisiana, the way the people have reacted, the way the players reacted. We've played very well in most games. It's been fun. It's been fun around to be the staff and fun to see our players grow."

"It's just been an exciting challenge. I've grown as a head coach like I try to grow every day. It's been great."

Q: "When you had done so well at USC as the interim coach and posted a good record, when they initially asked you to do this, was there any thought of: Man, I don't want to do this again? Or did you just kind of say I'm going to be okay with it no matter what happens here?"

COACH ORGERON: "No, I'm going for it. I'm going for it. I always believe in accepting challenges to better yourself, to compete at the highest level."

"This is the highest level. There was never a doubt that I would not try to compete at the highest level. And it's been fantastic. And every day I woke up and just thank God for the opportunity."
Orgeron is 4-2 as the interim head coach at LSU. Whether or not he gets the job full-time next year could be decided as soon next week.
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Based on the REAL choices I see around, I would love to give him a one year extension with a spring practice to show what he can do. The GODS: Tom Herman: His team lost to Navy and SMU Jimbo Fisher: Fl State has 3 losses. I just do not see any guarantees in any of them and a HUGE downside in salary commitments.
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Best man for the job or not?....I don't really know. One thing is for sure...I can't help but like his attitude about the whole thing. Makes me really want to see him succeed.
Reply54 months
Don't let a few plays define his time here...he has done a very good job @ a very trying time...but I sure hope our next HC keeps him around...
Reply54 months
I really like Coach O. I do think it took him winning out to have a chance. I hope he can be retained once the new coach takes over in some capacity.
Reply54 months
Thanks O for bringing some passion back to the program this year.
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Reply54 months
Please move along. Nothing to see here!
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