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During Monday's press conference, head coach Ed Orgeron was asked about Patrick Queen's role in the green pass rush packages and what the junior linebacker means to the team.

Q. You mentioned the pass rush earlier. Patrick Queen seems like he's up in the middle on some of those green team packages. What's his role in that, and what have you seen in him this year?

ED ORGERON: That's a package that Dave has come up with to dictate those certain protections. Once we dictate those certain protections, we can do a lot of things out of that. You're going to see that more. Sometimes we're sending him. Sometimes we're not. But I think that, when you walk him up to the line of scrimmage, you dictate how they're going to block you, then Dave can run his blitzes better from that.

Q. He's one of those guys that was in a position battle throughout there. Now he's on the field for you all. What have you seen from Queen this year?

ED ORGERON: Excellent character. Some guys, when they don't get it their way, they want to transfer. They want to go. This guy came into my office and said, what can I do to get better? I'm going to play. I'm going to fight this thing out. Great example of stick around. Hey, listen, we've got a plan for you, son. It's going to happen. And now he's one of our best players on the team.
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guppy53 months
Love this. Wish this was the mentality of all college football players today. His decision to fight it out and work hard will definitely pay off in the long run. Glad he is a Tiger.
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TigerFan5555553 months
play those hungry guys!
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ByUselves53 months
Are we quietly becoming LBU, now?
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