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Head coach Ed Orgeron said Wednesday that running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire and wide receiver Jonathan Giles, and Justin Jefferson are three players that could serve as punt returners in 2018.

Orgeron made the statement at the LSU Football Caravan Tour in Houston, TX.

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Lsutigerturner73 months
If I remember right I thought Jefferson was the most explosive from what I saw in spring game. I think CEH would be the safest, but the homerun hitter looked to be Jefferson. from what I saw this dude looked quick af hope he picks up playbook bc he looks like a homerun waiting to happen. same thing with mcmath he seemed pretty quick also curious how these two develop
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TigerFan5555573 months
Needs to be Giles, hands down..
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Hair of the Dog73 months
Are any the caliber of Honey Badger or Skyler Green?
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PotatoChip73 months
There’s only one honey badger, and one Patrick Peterson. Green isn’t even in this conversation. We just need a get who can catch the ball consistently and make the first guy miss like Dominique Davis did.
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TheCaterpillar73 months
I hope Giles gets it. CEH probably has the best first move on the team, but we really need him fresh to carry the load on offense.
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225Tyga73 months
Yeah thats what I described below
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voodooidotwo73 months
This^^^^^^^ CEH is going to run away from the rest. Kids got amazing skill.
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justice73 months
Just hope any of the three know when to field the punt or let it go into the endzone. I love chark but god sometimes I would yank my hair out. lol good luck to whoever wins the job.
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JPenn9173 months
It's gotta be one of the hardest and most intense spots to be in. Chark has some sketchy moments, but Tre White was the king of not calling fair catch, over the shoulder grabs, and running backwards. But they were both great returners when given space. Ball security is most important IMO. At least you’re getting the ball back worst case scenario. A huge return is awesome, but a muffed punt is devastating and I’d love to see a percentage of punt returns that have either holding or a block in the back called and ruin a huge play. That being said, we don’t beat state without chad jones going the length of the field for 6 in Starkville, or beat auburn last year without the chark return igniting the stadium and turning a comeback from a possibility into a reality
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225Tyga73 months
Im good with any of them personally but would prefer to see clyde continue to develop into our everydown back to where we dont want him returning punts. My first choice would be Giles just because of his size speed and vision
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