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Sporting News ranked college football’s Top 25 running backs for 2015 and LSU's Leonard Fournette landed at No. 4 on the list.

Fournette was the third highest running back from the SEC on the list behind Georgia's Nick Chubb (No. 1) and Alabama's Derrick Henry (No. 3).

Here is the top 10:

1. Nick Chubb, Georgia
2. Ezekiel Elliott, Ohio State
3. Derrick Henry, Alabama
4. Leonard Fournette, LSU
5. Dalvin Cook, Florida State
6. Samaje Perine, Oklahoma
7. James Conner, Pittsburgh
8. Royce Freeman, Oregon
9. Paul Perkins, UCLA
10. Alex Collins, Arkansas

You can see the complete top 25 list here.
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Its easy being a RB at Bama when you have that line to run behind. TR, MI, TY all overachievers due to the lines they ran behind.
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Henry is not all sec caliber
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1a. Chubb
1b. Elliott
2. Fournette
3. Conner
4. Perine
5. Henry
6. Cook
7. Williams
8. Collins
9. Perkins
10. Booker/Freeman
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Wow... And Henry didn't do much anything last year from what I saw.

Fournette was damn near LSU's entire offense.

Elliott and Chubb are legit 1-2.
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Henry at #3 is laughable. Everyone in the top 10 had a better season last year.
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