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LSU re-entered the College Football Playoff Rankings this week at No. 21.

Complete Rankings:

1. Alabama
2. Ohio State
3. Clemson
4. Washington

5. Michigan
6. Wisconsin
7. Penn State
8. Colorado
9. Oklahoma
10. Oklahoma State
11. Southern California
12. Florida State
13. Louisville
14. Auburn
15. Florida
16. West Virginia
17. Western Michigan
18. Stanford
19. Navy
20. Utah
21. LSU
22. Tennessee
23. Virginia Tech
24. Houston
25. Pittsburgh
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Looks like there are several big mistakes here, unbelievable.
Reply52 months
Tennessee still being ranked is a joke and Auburn being as high as 14 isn't much better. I think it is time for a new CFP Board. These guys/gals are funny.
Reply52 months
Ok. We're 7-4. Alright #21 is about what I expected. But Auburn gets blown out by Bama and drops 1 spot? Ridiculous. Our 4 losses were by a total of 23 points and played Bama far better than anyone has this year. Bottom line is the Sugar Bowl committee doesn't want a 7-4 team in their game. Fair enough. But when I look at the teams ranked higher than us, it's laughable. Ahh, the politics of college football! What a joke!
Reply52 months
Welp, looks like we're gonna be playing Louisville in the Citrus.
Reply52 months
That actually would be a fun game to watch.
52 months
0-4 against teams ranked ahead of us. Not good. Even worse, LSU was in every one of them and could have won with just a few plays in each.
Reply52 months
O-coordinator on the way!
52 months
Wow, this is a joke. Get rid of this BS system.
Reply52 months
Exactly. There's the usual suspect Ohio State. In without even winning their division. Same old crap!
52 months
LOL at Utah (8-4) above lsu. Lsu would stomp a mud hole in utah
Reply52 months
20 or 21 not much difference?
52 months
But it is a difference...
52 months
no worries the committee will find a way for the fighting harbaugh's to get in the playoffs and they are praying the buffs beat Washington to keep down drama.
Reply52 months
Honestly Michigan outplayed OSU. Just got some bad breaks
52 months
Yep, I think Colorado upsets Washington and Michigan sneaks in as the 4 seed... meanwhile PSU (the conference champ) gets left out lol
52 months
I know Michigan is a 2 loss team, buy does anyone actually think they wouldn't slaughter Washington?
Reply52 months
About right. We are 7-4 by the way.
Reply52 months
How is Louisville still #13?
Reply52 months
So I guess not having the USA game hurt us after all. Cant move up with only 7 wins.
Reply52 months
Sure did...
52 months
oh well
Reply52 months
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