The crew over at CBS Sports was discussing their Freshman of the Year picks for 2022, and Aaron Taylor went with both LSU offensive tackles Will Campbell and Emory Jones.

Here's what he had to say:

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DeafVallyBatnR15 months
If you want to pick Campbell or Emery Jones as Freshman of the year I good with that. Perkins did not play in a few game and then he sat on the bench after player early in games. Perkins is probably is the freshman of the year. But, the RB from Ole Miss had the best year of all. He broke records and played every single game.
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Domeskeller15 months
Uh, sure, if he actually means Harold Perkins. Is there some context I’m missing?
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theBru15 months
Looks like we coming, again.
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mylsuhat15 months
He's not wrong
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