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Pete Fiutak with Campus Insider recently published his AP Preseason Top 25 projections and pegged LSU at No. 7.

Usually, the AP voters go by three key things in the preseason poll: 1) What teams have the stars they know – especially at quarterback, 2) what teams were fantastic at the end of the previous season, and 3) which big names and big programs are close to being back to form.
Here are the complete rankings:
1. Clemson
2. Alabama
3. Michigan
4. Florida State
5. Oklahoma
6. Ohio State
7. LSU
8. Notre Dame
9. Tennessee
10. Georgia
11. Michigan State
12. Baylor
13. Oregon
14. Houston
15. Florida
16. USC
17. TCU
18. Wisconsin
19. Oklahoma State
20. Stanford
21. Iowa
22. Ole Miss
23. Louisville
24. UCLA
25. Nebraska
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"according to website"
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Dont understand all the Tennessee hype
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For an LSU fan to say they don't understand the Tennessee hype is strangely ironic. LSU and Tennessee are identical with LSU having the edge only because of the amount of talented depth. To expect LSU in the top 10 and not Tennessee is hilarious. Plus they are in the Easy East. Of course if you don't think LSU is a top 10 team, that's a different story.
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Meechigan at 3?
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Yeah that's way too high. I'd put them behind LSU, and Ohio St shouldn't be top 10 at this point either
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Alabama is always 2nd and alway finish 1st
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Does Ohio State have any returning starters other than JT ? haha
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They are paper thin on starters and backup contributers. That defense has almost been wiped out. On offense ey return Barrett and two OL. They lost 5 of their top 6 receiving options (including their top 3) and 3 of their top 4 rushing options (only Barrett and a guy with 17 carries are back). They are expecting redshirt freshman Mike Weber to be the next great RB, but I just don't see it.
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