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CBS Sports NFL Insider Pat Kirwan believes that while Craig Loston and Lamin Borrow might not be first round talents, they should be able to help an NFL team early. Here is what he had to say:

LSU safety Craig Loston: I watched tape of Loston vs. Mississippi liked what I saw. He plays like a strong safety but has the coverage skills to be a half-field safety in Cover 2 and he understands route combinations. He has good closing skills from deep and passes teammates to get to the ball. He is a solid open-field tackler and had a game-saver in this game. He can line up on a slot receiver and it appears he gets his teammates lined up. There should a small run on safeties in the second round and it wouldn't surprise me to see him in that range or in the third round at the latest. Teams asking their safeties to be interchangeable will like Loston.


LSU LB Lamin Barrow: Barrow looks like a decent fit in a 4-3 as a WLB but isn't a complete player. In the Mississippi game, he appeared to have som some formation recognition issues and where to lineup. He did get the opportunity to be the dime MLB but was easily cut as a blitzer by the running back and is more of a zone dropper than man-to-man cover guy. He likes contact but he occasionally throws himself at the ball-carrier instead of making a solid tackle. I would consider him in the fourth round.

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