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During SEC Media Days on Monday, head coach Brian Kelly was asked how he plans to balance recruiting the state of Louisiana along with other national prospects. Here was his answer:

BRIAN KELLY: Yeah, I mean, I think first and foremost, making sure that you evaluate the entire state of Louisiana. I think that means make sure you extend yourself. It's not just New Orleans and the greater Baton Rouge area. You have to get up north, all the way up through Shreveport, up to Monroe, all into the state of Louisiana.

Now, that doesn't mean you just take a kid from Louisiana because he's from Louisiana. If he's not rated as high, can you go out of state? Sure. But you better know the players in the state of Louisiana. That means the entire state.

I think that's maybe where if I've gotten any feedback that maybe we needed to extend our recruiting efforts a little bit further north. I think we've done that.


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About time we have a coach that realizes that. Not saying there is as much talent in northern half of state, but enough of those have left that have turned into pretty good players for other D1 schools, not just Bama either!
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That looks a lot better than me paraphrasing his comments. In my thread when he said this.
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