In case you missed it, LSU had an statue unveiling presentation on campus Saturday for former LSU and NBA great Bob Pettit. Check it out:


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lsusteve196 months
Great Tiger...Congrats BP
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calicrawdaddy96 months
Congrats to him. Well deserved.
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GoRuckTiger96 months
Long overdue. Mr Pettit seemed to be genuinely honored by the occasion. Good job LSU.
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LSUREM96 months
What a phenom he was on the Basketball court and in life. My Dad was in school at the same time and was Captain of the Golf Team and a good friend of Pettit. He was 5'8" tall and weighed about a Buck-twenty. Said Pettit always wanted to sit next to him at the training table cause he could always get my dad's leftovers. What a true Southern Gentleman, Mr. Pettit is. One of the all-time greats in Basketball, College and Pro. A great Ambassador for LSU. Congrats, Mr. Pettit, long over due.
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