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Here are the current odds to win the 2014-15 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship, courtesy of Bovada.

Odds to win the 2014-15 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship:

Kentucky 1/1
Duke 17/2
Wisconsin 9/1
Arizona 12/1
Virginia 12/1
Gonzaga 14/1
Villanova 16/1
Kansas 20/1
Utah 28/1
Iowa State 33/1
North Carolina 33/1
Notre Dame 33/1
Louisville 40/1
Ohio State 50/1
Wichita State 50/1
Northern Iowa 50/1
Arkansas 66/1
Maryland 66/1
Michigan State 66/1
Oklahoma 66/1
Baylor 75/1
Butler 75/1
LSU 75/1
West Virginia 75/1
Georgetown 100/1
Ole Miss 100/1
SMU 100/1
San Diego State 100/1
Oklahoma State 150/1
Oregon 150/1
Texas 150/1
UConn 150/1
VCU 150/1
Dayton 200/1
Georgia 200/1
Indiana 200/1
Iowa 200/1
Miami FL 200/1
NC State 200/1
Providence 200/1
Purdue 200/1
Texas A&M 200/1
Xavier 200/1
BYU 300/1
Cincinnati 300/1
Colorado State 300/1
Illinois 300/1
Pittsburgh 300/1
St. John's 300/1
Stanford 300/1
UCLA 300/1
Florida 500/1
Harvard 500/1
Michigan 500/1
Temple 500/1
Murray State 500/1
Memphis 1000/1
Minnesota 1000/1
Vanderbilt 1000/1
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Kentucky is by far one of the best basketball teams Ive seen in a long while and certainly seem to do the things they have to in order to win a game just like last night with Georgia. However, I will throw this caveat out there , the media pretty much crowned the University of Houston as NCAA champs the year Olojuwon was on the team and Jim's Valvano NC State team that had only made the NCAA touney that year by a hair shocked the world when Derek Wittenburg shot that long show and Thurl Bailesy was underneath the goal to easily catch ths short shot and upset one of the best teams that ever was. They still have to play the games.
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LSUtigers111108 months
Kentucky at 1/1 is insane. Has that ever happened before? And still a lot of March basketball to be played before their cutting down the nets.
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