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LSU freshmen Javonte Smart and Emmitt Williams along with junior guard Skylar Mays all requested NBA evaluations, according to interim head coach Tony Benford.

Mays declared for the NBA Draft last week, along with freshman Naz Reid and sophomore Tremont Waters. Per The Advocate:

Benford, who just returned to town after attending the Final Four in Minneapolis, said the coaching staff was hoping to hear back from the advisory committee later Tuesday on Mays, Smart and Williams.

“We requested feedback on them; we sent their requests in to the advisory committee,” Benford said. “We haven’t heard anything yet on them, so we’re just waiting for some information.
Although Mays has declared for the pros, the new NBA Draft rules allow him to hire an agent but terminate them later if they chose to return to school.

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TheTigershark59 months
“As a future coach at A&M, I think you should forego an NBA evaluation and play another year at a SEC west school”
user avatar
pellietigersaint59 months
I came here expecting some stupid comments and voila. so you schmucks wouldn't want your future employer to tell you what you need to work on to potentially land a job in the future?
user avatar
DVinBR59 months
it would be smart for him to return for another year
user avatar
voodooidotwo59 months
I can give them the evaluation now...UM no
user avatar
luciouslou59 months
Last one to leave turn out the lights
user avatar
MSTiger3359 months
I have a few years of eligibility left
user avatar
mylsuhat59 months
Smart move
user avatar
CanebreakCajun59 months
thank you Alleva
user avatar
X Carter Is Fast59 months
They would have done this no matter what. Why wouldn’t they?
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