Who: Southeastern Louisiana (Green & Yellow)
When: 11/22/13 - 7:00pm
Where: Pete Maravich Assembly Center (13,215; 47th largest NCAA)
How: 98.1FM, GeauxZone

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The day before LSU Football takes on Texas A&M, LSU Hoops gets a visit from the Southeastern Lions. Southeastern is one of the slowest offensive teams averaging over 20 seconds per possession in D1 games (LSU averages under 15 seconds) making them a likely candidate for LSU to work their press on.

The Lions predominantly play 6-7 players so LSU will try and work them till they are exhausted. However, LSU will see some good length in this contest. The Lions will start four players larger than 6'4".

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LSU will likely bring Jarell Martin back into the lineup Friday night. While he may not start, Martin should see some playing time to try and get him ready for the Old Spice Classic next week.

Jordan Mickey has started his college career off fast with three straight double doubles. He still leads the SEC in blocked shots and is 7th in the NCAA.

After losing their season opener to Missouri 89-53, Southeastern has won back to back games versus Rice (63-62) and Champion Baptist (108-54). Southeastern has been very good with possession only committing 10 turnovers per game. That all starts with Dre Evans, their PG who has a 5.3/1.0 Ast/TO ratio.

Keys to the Game:

Correct Press Errors While LSU was able to force a few turnovers against UNO using their press, they made some errors Coach Jones had to be frustrated about. The Tigers need to force more long passes that can be picked off. They also can't allow Dre to dribble down the court forcing LSU out of good defensive position.

Get Jarell Martin Ready Martin was injured 30 seconds into game 1. LSU would like to get him some minutes to really feel the pace of the college game. However, LSU does not want to push him into an elongated injury.

Get the Walkons points Shortess had two opportunities to score against UNO, however both shots were out of sync and forced. Hopefully both Shortess and Eddleston get some opportunities to score.


LSU 90 - SELA 55
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